Byron + Lauren Wedding [Woodminster Cascade]

Some say that it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day, but tell that to the bride who has planned a beautiful outdoor ceremony.  We prayed for a miracle, and a miracle indeed came through.  The skies cleared up about an hour before the start of the ceremony, and the rain fall resumed after we all made it indoors for the reception.

Byron and Lauren are an amazing couple, and it was an honor to be chosen as their wedding photographer.  My wife and I got to know them on a much deeper level as we hung out preparing for the wedding.  I wish them a prosperous life and a fruitful marriage that stands the test of time.

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All the photos in the video were taken by Charlie Kaine Photography and are protected by Copyright law.


Wedding Photographer:  Charlie Kaine Photography

Wedding Venue: Woodminster Cascade, Joaquin Miller Park 

Wedding Caterer:  Γ‘ora Spanish Catering

Wedding Flowers:  Pocketful of Posies