How 'Modern Family' used iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks to shoot last nights episode

If you caught last night's episode of Modern Family, you undoubtedly noticed something a little different about the show.  The show took an interesting approach to how modern families stay 'connected' through new technologies.  Ironically, through all of the technology that was being used by all members of the family, it turned out they still had no idea what was really going on with each other.   Sadly that can also be the case in most modern families.


What you may not have known is that the entire episode was indeed shot only on Apple devices.  They did have 'cameramen' to assist in holding up the device for the actors, and a ton of post production was needed to bring the footage to broadcast quality, but it was all captured on either iPhone 6's, iPad Air 2's, or MacBooks.  It also simulated Claire clicking through her MacBook applications and internet browsers.  It took my eyes some adjusting to their editing style, but I thought it was very cleaver on their part.


You can download the entire Behind-The-Scenes video for free here on iTunes.


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